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Allegany County Poor House


July 24, 2013


I didn't see a lot here and I got nothing on the camera or the voice recorder. I did see a few shadow people walking in the hallways but I believe this is just residual activity that is simply repeating itself. 

Darlene and I went to what I think was a recreation/party room at one time. We sat for about half an hour and I saw a shadow figure looking at us from the hallway. I snapped a few shots with my camera but didn't get anything. I asked if there was someone there and we got a light tap on the wall in front of us. But again we got no evidence to prove what happened. Bare in mind if a spirit does not want to be seen, you're not going to see them!

Following this we returned to the base we had set up at the other end of the building to share with the others and to go over whatever they had. They had nothing to speak of but I will let each of them tell their own story.

Linda and I had checked out the buildings in the daylight a few days previous and she had told me that she got a "bad" feeling while in the basement. She wanted to go down there during the investigation but she wanted me to go with her. As we went down I really didn't feel anything. Linda said there was something where the water was coming out of the pipes. (Not sure what these huge pipes were for or where the water was coming from.) As we walked past the pipes and back behind them, I started to "feel" very sad and frightened. There was a very small room in the back, like a maintainance room of some kind. As soon as I reached the room and touched the door frame, I started to cry almost to the point of hysteria. I "saw" a young woman tied to an old bed and a man standing next to her. My impresstion was the woman had been beaten and abused many times. I believe she died and may still be there (perhaps under the cracked concrete on the floor. (I can't be sure.). This man and woman are the only "spirits" I felt during the whole night but it was more than enough for me.



I started off the evening walking around the outside of the property with Jackie, taking many, many pictures.  Neither of us saw nor felt anything unusual.  After about an hour we went inside.  I felt nothing unusual on either the upper floor or the lower floor.  At one point Sue needed and was ready to go to the cellar.  I had been down there the previous day on a walk through and one area of the cellar had given me a very heavy, depressed feeling.  I was not looking forward to going down again however we went.

Upon entering an area where the boilers are, it seemed very black and heavy.  Sue and I pressed on further into another small room.  She was sensing horrible emotional feelings.  At one point I became nauseous, dizzy, felt a cold sweat and found myself stumbling a bit and finally had to hang on to a door frame to get my bearings back.  It felt like all the sadness of the building had settled in that one area.  If you could put a description to the color black then I would define this area as very black.

After taking a break up stairs on the ground floor, Sue and I went up stairs and spent some time but nothing was noted.  A couple of times in the evening I saw slight movements out of the corner of my eye but nothing concrete.

Out of over a hundred pictures taken, nothing unordinary showed from my camera. 

I sense that if buildings can retain any type of feelings, this is a very sad, depressed building in complete disrepair.  I do not feel it is particularly haunted by anyone/thing.


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