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AOH - Olean, NY -  Aug. 2, 2013


I didn't feel anything here at first. After we got set up Linda and I went down to the basement and sat in the room that is used as an office area. We tried to do an EVP session with my pendulum. I usually get good results with this but it did nothing at all. I heard a voice say "Michael" so I asked if Michael was with us and my flashlight which was laying on the desk went dark. The flashlight had brand new batteries in it and has never had a problem. Linda said she thought we had a "prankster" in the room. When I asked if this was true the pendulum said yes. This was the only answer we got from it. We left the basement with no further activity. The photos I took showed nothing.

  • Barb took this in the basement.
    Barb took this in the basement.
  • same shot, same camera, no lights.
    same shot, same camera, no lights.
  • downstairs office where the flashlight went out.
    downstairs office where the flashlight went out.
  • Barbara doing the dowsing rods.
    Barbara doing the dowsing rods.
  • large red orb, was this because of the exit sign?
    large red orb, was this because of the exit sign?
Barb took this in the basement.
Barb took this in the basement.
This first shot shows lights (orbs?) moving on the ceiling. The next shot is the same spot, there are no lights on the ceiling there.

I was very skeptical about doing this place.  The building did not appear as being that old so I questioned how much history it would have (I do not do any research or wish to hear anything ahead of time on places we investigate until after I have come up with things.  I prefer to have what I sense supported or dismissed afterwards by the facts so that I know if I am on track or not).  As it turned out I had the most fun on this investigation that I have ever experienced.

Upon entering I felt that there was a female presence that would be a bit problematic for us as the evening went on.  I termed her a prankster.  She appeared to my senses as a boundary pusher who enjoyed having a good time.  Perhaps the term “the unsinkable Molly Brown” would fit.  She stayed with me the whole evening, giving me bits of information and I completely enjoyed her company.  I think in the “normal” world, she and I would have been fast friends.

It took most of the night to gather everything together but I will try to first give you her information and then the information that has been brought together afterwards.  I have to leave out the particular name for privacy reasons.

She first told me that I would be able to prove everything that she was telling me either directly or from information that would be gathered later by other people.  She told me her name was Annie but I also felt there was an F involved as in perhaps her name was Fannie or the gentleman’s name started with an F – I could not quite get where the F came in.  She “showed” me a photo taken at a bar (not this one but another bar) with her standing at one end in a long white dress (early 1900’s style), white shoes, stockings and a big white hat.  She was holding a cigar in one hand and a shot of whiskey in the other.  At that time a woman would not be well thought of who would dare go into a bar (boundary pusher) but this gal was not going to let anyone stop her from enjoying life.  I felt she had a good heart.  At the other end of the bar was a large man with a black mustache and wearing a bowler hat.  He was turned toward her end of the bar but his head was turned toward the camera.  She also was posing for the camera.  She told me that someone had this photo among some old pictures either in an album or a box.  That they had no idea who it was but hung onto it thinking it was someone in their family.  She said she and the gentlemen were good friends – I wanted to say like an agent but I think more like friends who knew each other so well that neither could get away with anything on the other.  One thing that struck me about her was that her waist was so small I believe a man could have possibly put his hands around her waist and his fingers would touch.

I had to ask Sue if it was possible for an entity to attach themselves to a living person and perhaps travel through a generation or two of the family to travel in time.  I felt this woman had attached herself to the man in the bowler hat (after she had passed) and then perhaps after he had passed to someone still living in his family or hers?  Sue said yes it was possible.

I asked the woman if she was attached to someone at the club.  She said she was and gave me a name.  I had a terrible time with the name.  I am not Irish so when I think of names I am thinking ones like O’Brian or O something.  This name started with what I thought an unusual letter.  I had the complete name in my mind and I kept asking Jackie if she knew anyone with the name….. but could only pronounce the first part and spell most of the rest.  For some reason I could see it, spell it, write it but I could not pronounce past those first 4 or 5 letters.  Jackie was unable to recognize the name from my mispronunciation and I finally told Jackie that a club usually has a treasurer who has a membership list and asked her if she had a chance and could find out to look at the membership list and see if there was a member by that name.

The evening progressed and at one point we took a break.  There were some car noises outside so we went out to check on it and upon returning I noticed a guest book beside that particular door.  I took the book to a table that we were gathered at and proceeded to read through page after page into other years and finally came upon the name that had been given to me.  I pointed it out to Jackie and she immediately recognized it and was able to give me the pronunciation (something almost as simple as “Smith” or “Jones”).  The only further information I could give her to tell this person was that I felt there was some kind of an attachment/contact in his ancestry to the New York City area.


What has transpired since that night:  Jackie will have to have some input at this point.  She did contact the member and gave him the information I provided.  It is my understanding that they did find a dress and hat only it was black.  She asked me if possibly I was seeing a negative in my mind which would have made it look white to me?  That is possible.  She said the most noticeable thing about the dress was the tiny waist it had.  It belonged to his great aunt (?) Fanny.  Also his mother’s maiden name was Flynn.  I am thinking the man with the bowler hat is in this family line.  A logical reason did come out as to why I was having such a problem with the name but for privacy reason I can not go into detail.  The family and friends are now looking for the photo.  Hopefully there will be more to be written on this adventure.






 I didn't personally feel, see or capture anything paranormal at  the AOH. 

I had one moment of excitement when I thought I caught a spirit on my video camera positioned in the basement, however it turned out to be a club member retrieving something from the office :)


Sue felt the presence of a male in the basement from the 30’s whose name may be Michael.  I found in the AOH title search that a Michele Gangemi sold the building in 1932.



Got noises from kitchen, sounded like metal clanging, possibly pots and pans. Also heard footsteps in kitchen at the same time. I had my recorder on the round table next to the kitchen door. I checked the kitchen and found nothing. Sometime later I looked at the recorder to find it was shut off. I did not shut it off. I turned it on and listened to it and heard myself come out of the kitchen along with the audible click of when the recorder had shut off. I discussed the recorder shutting off with other investigators no one knew why it would shut off. I turned the recorder on for this discussion and the recorder worked just fine.


I used Jackie’s emf  to check all appliances and light switches to “debunk” any emf readings we might get. There were many danger readings  which meant electrical problems. These can sometimes cause hallucinations which could explain some of the activity in the bar.


Barb and I went to check out the basement. We both walked around and went into the computer room. I heard nothing of any significance. But I did feel a little uncomfortable.


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