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Dalton Investigation - October 27, 2014

High= 62 degrees - Low= 36 degrees  

Precipitation= 0 inch  

moon phase= new + 3 days


When we entered the home, I could feel the energy immediately there were several entities here.  We had a brief “get acquainted” period. Investigators present were, Sue, Linda and Darlene. We started in the daughter’s bedroom where there was said to be activity. While sitting on the bed we took pictures and began the investigation. I “saw” a man standing in the corner and instantly felt severe pain in my stomach. This told me he died from internal injuries. When I asked how he died, he showed me a car racing to beat a train on the railroad tracks which were located behind the home. A train passed the house at the same time that I saw this. We heard the whistle and this was when he showed me the car. There was another man standing on the other side of the tracks, and the car hit him. I also saw a body of a girl lying on the tracks a short distance away but was unable to tell who it was. [Research has revealed there were two men in the car. The car was hit by the train and the driver (Myron Morris) was the great uncle of Patty’s husband. He Died December 1930. The passenger in the car was unharmed.] Not sure who the man was on the other side of the tracks. Could be another incident entirely. Things were very confused because there was so much activity at one time. I also received the possible name Wayne but was unable to tie it in with anything else that was happening.



I saw burning last night that was bugging me. I figured that something  big should have been written about. I finally found it - it was not a house but a cheese factory and the "porch" was actually a loading dock. If I am looking at the map right, it was right across the tracks from Patty's house. They have a picture on the site of it burning or right after the fire. That and the girl I saw I spent the last hour on the Nunda Historical site because the big  two story house with the big porch that burned up that was attached to Rebecca's bed are two verifications. Perhaps Jackie will be able to find the little girl Sue saw that had the heart problems - I think she was buried with her doll and that is where the doll comes in (I can see her with her arm wrapped around it), and maybe Jackie can find a write up on the man that was hit by the railroad tracks. There are so many entities surrounding that area - what a mish mash to sort out each one. What a great night.

Have to add that the guy who was involved with the train that Sue saw was sort of verified by Patty but would like to see if there is a write up about it with it being in Sue's time period of 1990's area. I think the girl who was hit outside of Patty's kitchen window while "mooning" the train was also with us last night although not participating, just mixed in with what Sue was picking up.



UPDATE - November 9, 2014

Sue -

After talking to Patty and her mother in law, Teri, I finally have a name for the guy I thought was named Wayne. It was actually Dwayne Gibson and he owned the house where the girl, Bobbi Joe was murdered. There is still talk about whether he actually killed her instead of the man who went to jail (Keith). Police said Keith was stoned when they went to his house in the morning and he had blacked out. Many people think he was unconscious and Dwayne put the girl in Keith’s truck and drove it to Keith’s house in short track. They believe Dwayne slit her throat at his house then put her and the evidence in Keith’s truck.

Still don't know anything about the girl named Gladys. If we could find the records on the farm house that was there perhaps she lived in that home? Also Linda, we drove over to where the cheese factory used to stand. The road past the railroad tracks where we turned around was cheese factory road. Turn right and the factory used to stand at the end of the road, maybe half a mile from patties. It was burned to the ground. There are still a few stones there from the foundation down near the creek.

"After reviewing my photos, there was nothing in them out of the ordinary except for a couple of small orbs."


Linda -

You are probably as in awe as I am every time we get validation. Sounds like we can pretty much put this one to peace except for Gladys. Probably the only way to find her would be through the census or a grave stone. Somehow the ones who are found never leave you. With me, I needed to settle about the cheese factory and the man harnessing the horses. With finding that Patty's was once a farm and the factory fire I feel good. The girl who was murdered and burned left that night while we were there and is at peace.


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