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Sue's Report

Dudley Hotel

Southern Tier Paranormal Research Team

Report by: Brenda S. Patanella


April 24, 2015 – 7pm

Team members present:

Linda Brundage, Brenda Patanella, Brandon Lee, Joseph and Renee Freaney, Autumn and Denise Brown.

Assisting us from Friendship Paranormal were: Scott and Sherry McNeil.

At the start of the investigation, upon entering the Lounge area which was later used as the owner’s office, Sherry asked me to walk over to the back corner and there was a heavy feeling like someone sitting on my chest. Sherry and Scott both had the same feeling.

We did a tour of the building first and a little past 8pm we separated and went to different parts of the building. Linda and I went to room 213 first. A few weeks before the investigation I had a “vision”. Just a silhouette of a woman and I heard her say “she was murdered.” She vanished without anymore information. I set up my camera and video recorder and we began an “evp” session. When asked the spirit’s name I heard her say Susan. Linda could see her curled up in a fetal position facing away from us. When I asked her what happened she said, “ I thought he was going to help me”. She turned and I saw her face had been beaten beyond recognition. I could see a shadow of a man standing in the corner but he wouldn’t show himself to us. I heard the name “Calvin” or “Kevin” [ ? ] This is what I received from Susan: She was about 17 years old and had run away from home. The man was one of the people who was supposed to be helping to search for her.

After about half an hour in this room. Linda and I continued to other rooms on the second floor. In every room my camera refused to work and My voice recorder said it was “full” even though I had cleared it before we got there and it should’ve lasted the night. We were unable to get any data from any of the other rooms we went to. When I arrived home I discovered my voice recorder was missing and the data collected [ if any ]from room 213 was gone with it.

The temperature in the building was frigid and we both had a very hard time concentrating. We tried several other rooms on the second and third floors but we were just too cold to continue. Around 10:30pm the two of us returned to the lobby to wait for the others. Around 11pm, Linda, Autumn, Dennis and I decided to leave due to the cold. Joseph, Renee, Scott, Sherry and Brandon continued on until about 1:30am.

Other members of the team will be submitting individual reports and they will be sent as I receive them. We would like to thank the owners of the Dudley Hotel for letting us do this investigation. We would also like to thank Kellen Quigley from the Salamanca press for his report on our Investigation. As always we are here to serve our surrounding communities and we are strictly non-profit. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find us on Facebook…..


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