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Friendship home – JH - November 14th, 2014

Weather= Temperature = 21-28 degrees, 

Ave. humidity= 80%, 

Wind= 11-28 mph, 

moon phase= last quarter

Investigators included, Linda, Darlene and Sue. 

It was very cold out and snowing heavily. 

We drove there through what I like to refer to as a “Vortex” of snow.


When we entered the home Linda saw a woman standing on the stairs watching us. After a brief introduction we went upstairs. There were 6 bedrooms and a bathroom. The floor plan was a little confusing but I hope I get the rooms right. We stayed in this room for only a few minutes. It was quiet and calm no good or bad feelings, more like a void like it was just there.

In the next room I saw a woman in her late 60’s and the name I received from her was “Ruth”. I was unable to see or hear anything else here.

We moved on to the next room where Linda said she saw two older women and I sensed one of them was Ruth. Linda thought maybe they were sisters or partners who were attached to the house. Linda also saw a man she called “Mr. Banks” or something similar and felt he was perhaps a suitor to one of the women. We both saw a lot of people in the house, just wandering around and going about their daily lives. Linda said it looked like a movie; I had the feeling with the exception of the two women this was residual energy that was just playing over and over. My impression was that this may have been a boarding house at one time as the faces of the people seemed to change from time to time as if they people came and went and were replaced by others.

In one bedroom, Linda saw a young girl with a music stand who played some kind of bowed instrument. Linda felt she may have been a paid boarder. When I asked for her name, I heard her say Cassie, perhaps short for Cassandra? At the same time Linda heard the name Callie. Something close to one of those names or were there two girls? We will have to check that out. Linda thought maybe nursing students or music students may have rented rooms here. I wondered if there were perhaps staff members here from the old Friendship hospital as well.

In one of the rooms I heard a man’s name of Wallace or Wally? Nothing else from this man, just a name. When all the rooms upstairs were done we continued downstairs to the dining room. We gathered around the table and Linda and I both saw a very long banquet type table with lots of people. I saw mostly women in the house with a few men. These were very proper women and carried themselves with grace and respect. I saw a living room in the front of the house and a small parlor where the women received gentlemen callers. There was a curtain dividing the two rooms for privacy. We both saw a fireplace in the downstairs but had different visions of where it might have been. Linda had the feeling it was in the parlor area but I saw it where the large window is in the present day kitchen. The kitchen and dining area were totally different from the way it is now. The actual cooking area was where the laundry room is now with a large black and silver wood stove and a sink with a hand pump on it. There was a butcher block type table in the middle of the room for food preparation. The room opened out onto a large back porch. The current kitchen area was then the dining area with the wall since removed. The dining table spanned the length of the current kitchen and dining room. I believe the two older ladies were the owners of the boarding house and ran a very respectable establishment. I don’t usually “see” so much detail about the building itself but it seemed the ladies wanted us to get it right because they were very proud of what they had “built” here. I feel strongly they were sisters and this was a family dream which their parents had not lived to realize. I could feel a lot of pride and respect. We wrapped things up early and left for home.



1st observations:  Entered the home from the front porch into the dining room area.  I immediately noticed a woman standing on the stairs from the 1930 – 1940 eras with an apron on (the type that goes over your head and protects the full front of you, not the little tie around the waist type).  She just stood there observing us.

Feelings about the house:  In the first bedroom a picture of an old wooden wagon with wooden wheels flashed into my head.  Have no idea what that was about.  It just sat there in the back part of the yard and was not attached to horses or anything.  At one time I was able to see two older women, do not know if they were sisters or life companions, seemed to be spinsters, who were attached to the house.  At one point a Mr. John the banker or John Banks came to the door and one of the women let him in – research needed.  Sue felt one of the women may have been named Ruth.  There were a whole lot of people wondering the house.  In one bedroom, I believe the one next to the bathroom, a young girl about 18 – 19 had her music stand and played a bowed instrument.  I felt this was her room and she was a paid boarder.  At the same time that I came up with the name Callie, Sue piped up with Cassie so I think this gals name must be close to that.  I kept getting more and more about music.  Previously I had wondered if perhaps nursing students had boarded rooms here, but I kept feeling the music angle.  Research needs to be done to see if 1. This house was ever a boarding house or if people rented rooms and 2nd if there was some kind of school in Friendship – not like a high school but a specific type of school – something connected with music maybe?

Ongoing down stairs to the dining room again, Sue and I could both see a long table filled with food and people mulling around.  All seemed to be around the same age to me, mostly women but a couple men.  The two older ladies seemed to be cooking the food and serving the table.  I would put the era about later 1800’s to early 1900.  Boarder women wore mostly white starched blouses, very thin waists with wide belts and long skirts, button shoes.   What I felt was a receiving parlor had a couple men in it.  Sue could see a curtain across dividing two areas of the room.  We had a hard time figuring out the rooms as we both felt there were false walls that had been added later.  She believes the fireplace to have been in what is now the kitchen back wall.  I did not feel it was there but in the parlor area.  The present lay out of the house makes it very confusing. 

Except for the two older ladies, I do not feel all the people were specifically attached to the house.  I think they were just going about something they did in life.  There were no negative feelings in the house.


I just started researching Friendships history. I may have found my John Banks or John the banker - but in reality it might actually have been James Baxter? See the following I dug up: BAXTER UNIVERSITY OF MUSIC.--In a small room on Main street in the village of Friendship, in 1853, James Baxter laid the foundation for one of the most worthy and beneficial institutions ever established in the town, and possibly in the state. In later years, as the school became more thoroughly known and understood, the village merchants profited greatly by its presence, while local society circles were for the time a constant 

source of entertainment. Had the intention of the founder been preserved in the management of the institution it might to-day have been as flourishing as in the past, but foreign and unfortunate influences worked disaster and the ultimate termination of its life. The original name of this institution was "Baxter's Music Rooms," but the first five years of its existence were so gratifying in results that the more dignified designation of "Baxter's Musical Institute" was adopted. Soon afterward a building was erected for the exclusive use of the school, occupied first in 1861, whereupon the name was changed to "Baxter's Institute of Music." However, still greater successes were in store for the founder, and at the end of another 5 years an addition was made to the building and the name then changed to

 " Allegany Academy of Music." On the 17th of March, 1870, the name "Baxter
University of Music" was adopted, and continued as long as the institution
was in existence. As high as 151 pupils have been in attendance at one
time, from 16 states, 2 territories and Canada.

I found out the old hospital was an actual working hospital at one time. It mentions how many of Friendships older residents were born in that hospital and that the sky light in the upstairs was the light used when operating on patients. Have not found a Ruth or Wallace yet (or even mention of two old maids or what Matt’s house history is yet). I will keep digging. I was really surprised that they had a Spiritualist organization in the town at one time and one of the earliest members was a Samuel Sherwood. Wonder if he connects to my line anyplace back a few hundred years?

Did find a couple of Banks as early in town but no John Banks yet and no John as a banker.



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