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Guernsey Hollow Cemetery- September 20, 2014


High= 71 degrees - Low= 51 degrees  

Precipitation= 0 inch -  moon phase= new - 4 days  

humidity= 81%


 For most of the time we were there, I felt nothing but a peaceful place. At one point towards the last hour or so that we were there, Joe said that he had gotten 3 words on his spirit box. The words "climb", "tree" and when he asked what tree, it said "apple". He said he checked but could not find an apple tree anywhere. Later I went down to where our cars were parked and caught a bright flash or white thing brush through the trees but it was too quick for me to even guess what it looked like or was. I went over the bank to where I had seen it and found a row of apple trees. Later before we left, we all went up to the left side back of the cemetery. I felt there was someone outside the iron fence in the woods who could not come into the cemetery. We discussed whether it was from a bad deed, being a Catholic cemetery, such as adultery or Sue felt it was the ax murderer. I have no idea, but I did find from later research that if the person who had died had certain contagious diseases or sometimes if they were non Catholics, that they could have been prevented from being buried in a Catholic cemetery.





Joe and Renee



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