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My Experience at The Hinsdale House – overnight 4/20/2013


This was our first investigation as a team and I think it went well. There was  some talking and moving furniture at the bad times in some cases but over all we had a good investigation and everyone worked well together.

It took me a while to get a feel for the house but when I settled down things started to happen.


First,  Linda, Autumn and I were in a small bedroom off the kitchen and I heard the name Michael who seemed to be connected to the room and the house. Linda felt him at the same time. After sitting for a while and just listening I encountered a young boy named Christopher. I never saw him but he started to cry and he was on the verge of being hysterical. I began to cry because I sometimes share the spirit’s emotions. I tried to get him to tell me what was wrong but he was crying so bad he couldn’t speak. I never got his story and he left as quickly as he came. During this activity I looked at the wall between Autumn and me and I saw just the shadow of a boy standing there.  I only see shadows so I couldn’t make out anything else. Linda later told me she saw a pre-teen boy in overalls with blonde hair and blue eyes. After this I called “Flo” who used to live in the house. I worked with Flo several years ago and she was such a sweet woman. I loved her and never knew she lived in the “Hinsdale house”.  When Flo came through she made me laugh as always. It was like old times. I asked her how she felt about what was happening with the house and she said “I’m sorry I ever let those people in”( I can’t say for sure who those “people” were). She said, “they’ve turned it into a three ring circus”.  I asked if she could change the lights on my EMF meter and she laughed, which made me laugh and she said “ those things are just parlor tricks”. That was Flo exactly..

Second, we (Autumn, Linda and I) went to the large bedroom upstairs. Linda went into the closet for a few minutes and when she came out she said she felt like that end of the closet went on forever. When I went in it felt like if I walked from one end of the closet to the other that I would never reach the other end. The closet in my opinion, seems to be a vortex of some kind. I was unable to stay there for very long because I was too uneasy.  I left the closet and sat in a swivel rocker in the corner with Autumn and Linda on the couch. After a few minutes I sensed a spirit close to me. I wouldn’t say a “dark” spirit but an “unsettling one”. At this point I felt the spirit pass through my entire body and I began to shake uncontrollably. I had chills like I’ve never had before. Autumn saw me shaking and asked, “Are you ok?” I said, “ no”. It left me and I got up and moved across the room. I had to get away from “it”. I was very scared and I never want to feel that way again.


Third, we took a break and then we returned to the small room off the kitchen. I felt many spirits passing through but nothing distinct this time. I don’t believe this has a vortex for spirits but I do believe it sits on a type of “highway” for spirits and they pass through very frequently. There are a few who are attached to the house itself, but most are just passing through.


Fourth,  toward the end of the night or early morning, the whole team gathered in the living room and Barb decided to use the dowsing rods.  I’m not always fond of the rods because it’s too easy for them to be manipulated without even realizing you’re doing it. Barb started asking questions and got a lot of answers for different people. For myself it was a very emotional time. When she asked if anyone had a message for me,  I heard my mother call my name. As she continued asking questions she asked if my mom was there and the answer was "yes".  I then sensed my great grandfather, Wiley Coyote. Barb asked if he was there, again the answer was "yes". As we continued, I saw my tribal chief, Bobby -Bearheart-Johns. Once again Barb asked if he was there and the answer was yes.  My brother Michael has been very ill and it is feared he won’t live much longer. I asked if my mother would be waiting for him when he goes. The rods said yes and I immediately heard an audible yes from all 3 spirits. I know now that my brother will be taken care of when he gets to the other side and I am no longer worried about not being able to see him. I know I will see him on the other side. Why were they all at the house? I believe the house is an avenue for spirits to communicate and that my family used it as an opportunity to come to me to set my mind at ease about my brother.

We wrapped everything up around 6am and went home feeling that we  had a positive experience there as a team and feeling there is definitely activity there even if it may not be what the stories tell exactly.


Report: Hinsdale House, April 20th-21st, 2013

Part 1: Hinsadale House

I took a total of 31 pictures - 29 came out. Two of them I took of the pond and the hill behind the house came out black. 

I did not use my voice recorder as everyone I was with had theirs and I wanted to concentrate more on what I was feeling than worrying about using a device.

1st impressions: Coming up the road I had a very strong feeling that we had passed the house where we were supposed to go and felt a pull that we should turn at a specific driveway. It turned out that we had passed it and where I felt we should be going was the correct place. The grounds and exterior of the house seemed pleasant and just a typical run down, poorly taken care of farm house. The pond area was peaceful. The hill behind the house had a strong pull for me. I wanted to go up the hill while it was still daylight however George who was with me at the time did not feel his leg could handle it and I did not want to go up alone.
Inside the house: The first room that Autumn, Sue and I went into was a bedroom off the kitchen. My impression was that it was a young (latter teenage) boys room. I was taken back by the images of religious drawings I was "seeing" wallpapered all over the walls. I felt perhaps the person had guilt feelings and was getting a lot of frustrations out through his drawings. I did not sense it was guilt from a terribly bad thing - perhaps just going through a puberty phase. Although the room was only 54 degrees, I went through a short heated, sweating period. Sue mentioned a couple of names - Michael felt right for the room. When she mentioned Christopher, I envisioned a young (pre-teen) blond haired boy with what we used to call bib-tucker overhalls.

Upstairs: I did not get a lot from the upstairs. I sat in the closet on the right hand side and it was disorienting. My back was to one wall and I was facing the other wall in a space of about 2 feet however it felt like the wall I was facing was far away as if it went on forever. I had my arm resting on my knee and looked at my arm and hand and it looked like they were so small and far away. It was all a spacial thing. I tried setting on the left had side of the closet however got nothing there. I also sat at the opening for the bedroom on the right of the stairs. There seemed to be a lot of rustling in there and I did not feel like I wanted to stay - but needed to go downstairs for a break/to breath.

 Part 2: Hinsdale House

The cellar. Surprisingly the cellar did not negatively affect me. It was more just a matter of fact (not happy, not negative), that someone (female) had fallen down the cellar stairs, hit their head on the stone wall and passed away. I felt she was watching us from the corner where the hot water tank was standing. I later asked when Barb was doing the copper rods, if this female was buried on the property - answer yes. I felt there were 5 people buried on the property and asked the rods if there were more than 5 buried - answer no. Barb asked if there were just 5 buried on the property - answer yes. I asked if they were buried up the hill behind the house - answer yes.

Other impressions I had - a young teenage girl named Clarissa who was very upset over not being able to find the metal washtub that always hung outside the back door next to a black harness strap which also hung there. She was suppose to start the laundry and knew she was going to get whipped if she didn't find it and get started. I asked the rods if Clarissa was often whipped - answer no.

In the living room I felt perfectly peaceful however at one point I did have the feeling of someone standing next to my left shoulder and for a moment having a hand on my shoulder - almost as if someone was standing there (not for me but was friendly towards the whole group) but was using my shoulder to steady themselves a moment or as a friendly gesture.

In the morning it was necessary for us all to check to see that everything was picked up and the heaters were turned off. I went upstairs to give a last check and coming down stairs, at the bottom of the steps I thought I got a whiff of pipe tobacco smoke. There was a small hole in the wall where it looked like a light switch had been taken out. I smelled the hole but only got a musty smell from it.

Part 3: Hinsdale House Summary

The voice recordings will show a lot of what I have forgotten and it can be filled in from those. I only went through one level and stuck to the impressions left on the house and property by the hard working if not always happy farm families.  I think I personally needed the support that provable history might be able to give me.
There is a deeper level to the property of distant history which I feel is very tragic and negative and did not feel I was up to emotionally handling just yet. Perhaps I felt I have not developed enough to know how to handle it. At some point if given the opportunity, I would like to research the history of the area (Hinsdale) and the specific deeds of this property. I do not think this property was a "stage coach" stop or tavern. I do not believe there were a vast amount of murders of those people who rested over taking place or bodies buried in the closet. I do believe some historical events were merged together and there has been a lot of hipe done as a money making venue and to make for a good campfire tale.    

 One other thing I should have added onto that report - I felt like there was constantly things going on around me including at times above my head and I was hoping that other people with more experience could see or tune into it all. I did not know how to narrow in on them as they bopped around me but I felt like a magnet must feel. Some times it felt like I was going 30 miles per hour looking out a window at things whizzing by me. At other times it felt like things were just hanging around me. Glad I am not prone to being claustrophobic.



April 20, 2013 7 pm – 10 pm

I stayed in the living room kitchen area taking pictures, audio recordings and electromagnetic readings.  Barb, Beverly and I conducted an investigation in that area for three hours. During that time I did not hear or see anything abnormal.  My electromagnetic sensor did detect high readings around two of the electrical outlets.


April 21, 2013 4 am – 7 am

I joined the whole group in the living room for further investigation. Several members took turns with the downing rods asking various questions.  I took a few pictures and had my audio recorder taping. We had a few minutes during those hours when the sensor lit up and some members had feelings of connection with family members that have passed on.

Data review

After listening to all of the recordings and examining my photos I discovered a few things. In two of the pictures I picked up an “orb” near Sue and after one of the questions I picked up an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) which seemed to answer a question asked.  See attachments.




Didn’t get much of anything at this location although the EMF meters did light up a few times downstairs in the living room.


Scott and I were in the back bedroom at the top of the stairs. We did get some hits on the voice box and on his ovulous. Scott asked if anyone was there with us and a man’s voice said yes. Scott asked for his name and the same voice said, John. Unfortunately, that’s about all I got for Hinsdale.


 ***Quick Note: Barbara Ann Boser-Gates is no longer afilliated with this team.***


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