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  Research Team

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A note from our team leader:

The information I write up on our investigations is my

 recall of what I

 "saw or felt" during the investigation. There are many 

skeptics around us and I totally respect them and their 

opinions. I can only share what I know to have happened and

 leave it up to you to decide if you believe it or not. I believe

 in spirits and the afterlife. I believe in spirit guides who 

stand beside me through each moment of my life. We hope 


 enjoy your visit here and will leave here with a positive

 outlook on what or who is "out there" . We believe in what

 we do and our  "one and only"  goal is to serve our

 community and bring some peace to our friends and

 neighbors who need us. 

Thanks for visiting.... If you need us, we're only as far away as a phone call. 

Call Sue @ 585-973-2224

or email [email protected]

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