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Olean Home [2]



SEPT. 12, 2014



It was requested that our Team investigate a private home in the Olean, NY area. Per usual, I went in cold, not wanting any information before hand as to why our help was requested.

First impressions: Upon entering the living room, I heard what sounded like heavy footsteps upstairs, otherwise, the down stairs felt peaceful and warm. Sue went up stairs to set up equipment. I was picking up two partial names - AR which I thought might be something like Aries or something with an A & an r and Vick- Vicky? Kate made the comment of like Victory jokingly. At this point we were all in the kitchen and Kate asked Sue if the name she had come up with was an Alexander? Sue said yes, that “he” definitely said it was not Alex but Alexander! I am assuming that this was where I was getting the A and R from. Kate texted her friend to ask if the names meant anything to her. The friend texted back that her youngest daughter was named Victoria.

I then went outside to get a feel of the property.

Property observations: I did not care for the barns. There were noises coming from them which could possibly be explained as squirrels or other environmental reasons. I was very uncomfortable around the firepit area which was behind the one barn and the location of it could account for my uneasy feelings with the barn. I continued around the home, checking an air conditioner which was obviously not running and therefore was not the cause of the footstep sounds I had heard inside.

Upon reentering the home, Sue asked me to go upstairs with her. I pointed out to Sue what area of the livingroom ceiling I had heard the footsteps and as we went up stairs we figured out that the footstep sounds were coming from the room where she had set up her equipment, which meant that that was the room with the most activity. As she and I sat in the room, we felt a gentleman with us.

His physical appearance: He was thin, white haired, farm overhalls, white shirt and wearing a metal bracelet of some kind. Could have been cuff links but I don’t think so. His face was weather worn from years of farm work.

Personality type: He was very over-bearing, strict, hard. He did not like the children. He felt they were too active, no responsibilities. The youngest one especially he did not like her. Too active. Spare the rod, spoil the child. They agitated him. He wanted them gone. Suddenly a group of people appeared behind him – perhaps 20 or so, mostly men and only two women – one directly behind him and one further back in the group. These people all looked so dirt poor. The woman behind him had an apron on and looked totally worn out. Sue and I discussed this for some moments and I decided it was his congregation. Sue agreed that he was some kind of a lay-minister. I felt that because the area was so sparsely settled at that time, that he had taken it upon himself to be the local minister.

At one point Sue asked what I was feeling. I could feel the hairs standing up on the back of my neck but I also felt empowered. She said the gentleman had left her and had come to stand next to me. I do not know if it was my shield (dome) or what, but I felt he was trying to intimidate me however, I felt very strong against him as if I knew he had no power over me.

At this point we all converged in the downstairs living room as both Sue and I felt exhausted. After some discussion with the others as to what had happened upstairs, I felt a deep leeriness of going down stairs in the cellar. Sue also did not want to go but we both knew we had to. When we went down, Sue could tell that the cellar was his place of power or his realm. Sue knew we had to do a cleansing. I had never participated in one before and was a little skeptical. We had a very hard time with equipment batteries dying, running out of matches and the sage not burning. Sue tried cutting some sweet grass into the sage and it still would not light. After 4 pieces of paper were burned trying to get it to light, we had enough smoke to smug ourselves and the area. When Sue commanded that the gentleman and the people behind him go to the light, I could see the people peeling off, one or two at a time going through the door. (Sue was able to see the bright light on the other side, I only saw them going through to nothingness). Finally the gentleman was the only one left standing and then he was gone. I did not see him go through the door and Sue did not see him go. Suddenly the house felt totally at peace. Neither Sue nor I could feel him anymore.

We came up stairs and the whole house felt flat (totally peaceful).

My later, what I call residue feeling was that Alexander was teetering on a razor edge. Hopefully he made the decision to follow the others.

Mikesch (Linda).




I never have much success with electronic evidence so this is simply an account of things I “saw and felt” throughout the investigation. I am what’s known as an empath and can feel what others feel, whether living or dead. I also see spirits, (mostly as what I call shadow people) and I speak them and can hear them. I can only share my thoughts and feelings and let you take away from it whatever you will.

Upon entering the home, I could feel a heaviness in the air. We chatted for a few minutes then said an opening prayer after which I went upstairs to the room where I was told “someone or something” had been bothering the oldest boy. I set up my equipment and listened for a while. I always ask spirit for names and I heard Alex or Alexander. I heard a very deep male voice say “no, not Alex, it’s Alexander.” As suddenly as I heard this, I felt the room go completely still and quiet. I knew he was still there but blocking me out.

I asked Linda to come up and join me as we both seem to be “stronger” when we’re together. We settled down in the room and Linda “felt” his presence. We both saw others in the room but they were afraid to come forward. I saw him as a religious man but very controlling. Alexander was dressed in bib overalls and appeared to be a farmer although we both saw him as a preacher of some kind. I felt that he was a “fire and brimstone” type of preacher. He did not like the children in the home. He said they were unruly and out of control. He didn’t like anyone in this generation because “the world is going to hell”. The others in the room seemed to be his followers and were very much afraid of him. I saw them only as shadows, obstructed by him and forbidden to show themselves. He wanted us to know how powerful he was.

Linda and I went back downstairs and met with the others in the group. I had a very strong feeling Alexander’s “hiding place” and the place where he felt strongest was in the basement. Linda, Kate and I went down to the basement. The air was stale and heavy and we knew he was there. The others were there with him but hiding in the background, once again afraid to show themselves. I tried to light the herbs to smudge the three of us but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get anything to light. I used up all my matches and we added small papers to the smudge pot but still it wouldn’t light. I borrowed Linda’s light but it didn’t work either. I finally managed to get enough embers in my sage stick to use the smoke for smudge.

I called on the blood of Jesus and commanded the spirits to leave the home at the request of the residents. I saw the incredible white light of God and advised the spirits to go into it. At first they resisted until I told them that Alexander couldn’t hurt them on the “other side”. At this point Linda and I both saw at least 20 people go into the light. I can’t be 100% sure but I believe Alexander also left the home. I can’t be sure if he went into the light because I didn’t actually see him go but when we left the basement, we all met in the kitchen area and there was a complete calm and stillness in the home. We packed our equipment and set it all in the center of the room before saying a closing prayer of protection. We all came away feeling like it was a very good night and a learning experience for all of us.

Brenda (Sue) Patanella



I approach my investigations with an open mind and concentrate on recording evidence using my equipment and personal observations. For this investigation I used: a digital recorder, two K-2 meters, a sensitive Electromagnetic radiation detector, and a digital camera.

The inside of the house appeared to be normal and orderly. I did notice a strange feeling in my ears as though there was a strong air pressure change and the house seemed overly quiet. Kate and I went outside to check out the backyard where disturbances have been reported to have occurred. I took several pictures and K-2 readings while outside with nothing unusual recorded.

Around 7:30 pm we went back into the house and set up the equipment in the living room, took several pictures and quietly observed the surroundings.

Near 8:00pm Sue and Linda came downstairs looking quite shaken, which is abnormal. They proceeded to tell of their encounters with the spirit of an angry disgruntled preacher that went by the name Alexander, NOT Alex. They both agreed that he was from an earlier period, possibly the early 1800’s and that he was upset with the kids in the house…kids should be seen and not heard. And that he had followers behind him who appeared powerless and possibly trapped. Sue and Linda also felt Alexander’s power source and “hiding spot” was the basement. In order for them to cleanse the house they would have to do so in the basement. With trepidation, Sue, Linda and Kate went into the basement at 8:45 pm.

It took about 30 minutes for the cleansing to take place, with excellent results (see Sue or Linda’s write up) After the cleansing was finished and Linda, Kate and Sue went upstairs to check for any residual energies.

Throughout the night I had no readings showing up on my equipment except from my digital camera. The “face” I won’t lie, at first I thought I caught Alexander…very exciting. However after review I’m 99.9% sure is an optical illusion due to a hanging plaque and plant on the porch…I will add more pictures and analysis on that at a later time.

The orbs are definite anomalies. I’m not sure what they are but I’m also doing ongoing research on those. I have ruled out dust, insects or pollen because they would be solid. We may never know for sure what they are but they tend to have the same pattern of concentric dots in the center.

At the end of the night I did feel at peace and no longer had the pressure on my eardrums.



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