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Private Home-
Olean, NY


Upon request, I agreed to investigate a small private home in Olean, NY.  The homeowner wanted only one or two people and not a lot of fanfare so I asked Linda to come with me. At the onset, I placed a video camera in the attic upstairs. At the conclusion, I reviewed the camera but had nothing to show.

I left the attic and we went into the upstairs hallway. At the end of the hallway was a young girl's room Linda was sure this room was at one time occupied by a very elderly woman. Upon entering the room, I "saw" a woman around 90 years of age and I asked for her name. I heard the name Elizabeth. ** When I asked if her name was Elizabeth, she said yeah. Her response was caught on the audio file below.** The other daughter's room across the hall felt very calm, no activity here. 

There was a gentleman present at the opposite end of the upstairs hall. I think he was probably in his early 40's. He was not dangerous, just curious. He told me, " I hate that dog". Which would explain why the owner said  a lot of activity seemed to be connected to the dog.

I got nothing paranormal in any photos, however the video camera I had used in the attic has not worked since.


It was requested that we investigate a private residence in the city of Olean.  The family wanted it to stay as small and private as possible so only two team members went.

A video camera was set up in the attic and several pictures taken.  I felt that one small bedroom had been occupied by a very elderly woman.  Sue also felt her presence and felt the name Elizabeth attached to her.  The daughter’s bedroom where some of the occurrences had happened felt very cozy and inviting.  We did feel a gentleman’s presence upstairs and he seemed to follow us through the house observing what we were doing.  We both placed his age as the late 30’s but 40 at most.  There was no threat felt, in fact he seemed to mock what we were doing and was enjoying the idea of what we were doing.  He spent several minutes in the dining room with us and the only picture that I took that showed anything was in fact a possible orb in the dining room.   He “told” Sue he did not like the dog at all – which many of the occurrences the home owner later stated revolved around the dog.

Summation:  The home’s owner supported that an elderly lady had occupied the house for several years and had passed away in the home.  She had no idea about the gentlemen.  We assured her that there was no threat in the house.  Any occurrences which happened were most likely from the elderly lady wondering through the house.  That the gentleman was very “laid back” and was more curious to watch the goings on in the house.

I felt the home owner was satisfied with our findings and felt there was no threat to her or her family.

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