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"The Southern Tier Paranormal Research Team" 

in Friendship, NY

 is in NO WAY AFFILIATED with a new group started recently called "The Southern Tier Paranormal Research Group" ( yes, they changed one word )located in Cattaraugus county, NY .

Nothing reported by this new group is to be used or connected to my Friendship team and any data collected by the Friendship team is not to be included in any action or activity conducted by the Cattaraugus County Group

The Southern Tier Paranormal Research Team was started in 2009. Our goal is to do great things together, understand more about the after life and to answer the question, "What was that?" when things go bump in the night.


Our team members have all had some strange experiences and understand what it feels like to wonder what's going on and no one seems to understand. We have seen images and heard voices and had people say we're crazy but we know better. 

We are here to prove them wrong and to help those in our community who have suffered the same as we have.

We try to concentrate on private homes and families who need us.


If you have activity that you don't understand or happenings that make you uncomfortable, we're here for you. Contact us anytime and we'll do our best to help.

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