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Rolling HIlls



 Bethany, NY

Sept. 18, 2014

Sue, Dawn, Autumn and Darin

Dawn, Autumn and I (Sue) have been here before but it was several years ago when the property was under different management. It's a cool night but not cold. We signed in and went on a guided tour at first then we were allowed to conduct our own investigation. There really was not a lot of activity at first until we went into "George's room". Through many different investigations the owners have learned the man's name is George. I met George on a previous visit during which we were told he does not like the tours and tends to hide in the closet. He does not like for anyone to go into the closet when he's there. I was using a meter with a wand attached so the wand was in one hand and the meter in the other. I decided to see if the meter would show anything if George was in the closet. Rather than enter the closet, I just opened the door and put my arm inside with the wand in my hand. The wand was immediately jerked out of my hand and fell to the floor. Needless to say, i dropped and screamed like a little girl. I retrieved the wand and we left the room. This was during our previous visit some years before. 

Tonight we went into George's room and I went directly to the closets to see if he was there and felt nothing. I was convinced he was not in the room. We conducted an EVP session and I asked if George remembered me. I didn't get an audible answer so i sat in a chair in the corner of the room and waited. After a few minutes I walked across the room in the dark over to where the closets were and I stood between them. Darin was sitting on George's bed and when I walked past him (Darin), he said George just followed you across the room at the same instant I got an awful chill down my back and could feel him breathing down the back of my neck. I was freezing and shaking couldn't catch my breath. Autumn was across the room in the dark and asked if he had touched me. She could tell even in the dark that he was close to me. Dawn was trying to take pictures and although she tried everything she could not get the camera to work. After I went back to my chair, Dawn took pictures of Darin sitting on the bed and the camera worked fine. There were orbs surrounding Darin on the bed. Are these spirits? No one knows for sure but I wonder why that particular spot was the only spot they seemed to be around.

We really didn't have any other activity but I'm convinced George was there and that he remembered me from the last time. We continued the tour with no real activity to speak of. We went into one bathroom, (I was so lost, I couldn't tell you which floor it was on. As Dawn would say, I can get lost in a paper sack.) Anyway Autumn went into the bathroom and when I started through the door I was sick to my stomach and wanted to cry. That usually means something bad happened in that room. It usually symbolizes  pediphile activity to me. I am what's known as an Empath so I feel the activities and emotions of the people around me, rather living or dead. I was unable to continue into the room and told Autumn to get out. 

I didn't feel anything else on this trip. There seemed to be much more happening on my previous visit but spirits move on their own time not ours. Rolling Hills is an awsome place to visit if you ever get a chance to go there, by all means do it.

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