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1. Members will show respect for properties and property owners at all times.

2.Investigations require quiet concentration and focus.No horseplay, no vying for attention and no inflated egos. This allows focus on the situation at hand and not on team members.

3. Each team member will be assigned a certain task and must take it seriously to get detailed and accurate data.

4. We NEVER offer guarantees! The final report will be shared with the customer as the "professional" opinion of the entire team.

5. It helps if all team members share the same interests and members must be realistic and seek logical explanations for anything out of the ordinary. We can not assume anything is paranormal without doing our best to de-bunk it.

6. The primary focus of the team will be to investigate and document disturbances. If the party wishes the property to be cleared we will offer to assist but again we can not offer any guarantees.

7. Most spaces to investigated will accommodate about 4-6 people. If there are more than 6 team members there will be times when not all members can go. If you are asked to participate and can not make it, please give enough notice to allow someone else to take your place.

8. Take time to think it through before signing up for membership. We need members who are serious and willing to invest time and energy in what we're doing.

9. There will be a 60 day probationary period for all members. If chosen for the team you may quit at any time. If you are frightened, talk it out and decide if this is truly for you.


11. Everyone will receive a written application to fill out. Please be honest. Your application will be reviewed and a final decision on your membership will be made in 5-7 days.

12. I look forward to meeting you all and having fun while learning as we go....

13. Any falsification of evidence for any reason will be grounds for immediate dismissal.


Before - Before an investigation, always research the site you plan to visit. Check the internet for any history on the area. Visit the local library, county records or tax assessors office. You may also wish to contact the local historian. Get as much background as possible.

Assign someone to visit the location during the day to familiarize the team and prevent any surprises or injuries. Make you have legal access to the property and determine who will be responsible for each piece of equipment.

Checklist - EXTRA BATTERIES FOR EVERYTHING. always take personal identification for each team member. Check all equipment, digital cameras, flashlights, first aid kit, notebooks with pens or pencils to log pertinent information. Wear a watch if you have one or use the clock on your cell phone etc., to log arrival and departure times as well as times of events that occur. Include video cameras, voice recorders, and EMF detectors. Include a cell phone if you have one and possibly a compass or small wind chime. ( in the abscence of an emf meter, you can ask the spirit to move the compass or the windchime to show his/her presence) Oh and EXTRA BATTERIES FOR EVERYTHING!!!!

During - First... always pray for God's hedge of protection around us before starting any investigation. Or pray to whatever deity you serve. Next walk around the area for 15 -20 minutes before beginning to get used to the area and allow the spirits to get used to your being there. Then set up the equipment and log your start time. Be sure to make note of any areas which may cause "false positive" readings., such as lights which may appear as orbs in photos, or breaker boxes, fuse boxes, or large appliances which may interfere with EMF meters. Make sure the cameras and recorders are set up and ready.

Now you're ready to investigate, take pictures, use the camcorders, voice recorders and detectors. Make notes of temperature changes, meter readings, strange sounds, unusual smells and any feelings or emotions you have out of the ordinary. Note where you were at the time. Do not try to rationalize what you feel or see. Just write down your first impressions (even if they make no sense) to be analized later with the team.

After - After the investigation, always say another prayer and ask in God's name that the spirits remain there and do not follow you home. Now that you are done, make no conclusions or opinions until all reports, photos, and videos have been reviewed. Discuss everything with the rest of the team and schedule a second meeting with the property owner to reveal what was found.

I cannot express how important it is that we do not discuss anything about the investigation publicly without the consent of the property owners. This includes facebook, twitter and any other public forum. There will be no EXCEPTIONS to this and violation will lead to immediate removal from the team.


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